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Clio is home!

Hey everyone!

Today I present you Clio, my sweet dal, model RotChan.
I had her for a while but opened her box only a few days ago. She is the sweetest thing, and I have to say that I am falling in love with her over and over, each time I take a look at her ^_^

But, no more words, take a look by yourselves! ;-)



I present you Beth - short for Elizabeth - who arrived here last year.
Shinku certainly is one of the cutest model.
Those pictures date from her arrival, I had to present her to you all :)


New Pictures! Finally!

Hi everyone!
It's been so long since last time I posted pictures that I now have LOTS and LOTS of them to share with you!
Some are from the end of 2006, and others are from yesterday, so expect a lot of updates in the next days! :)

So I thought it would be great to begin with Tickle by candlelight :)


Morana - B&W pictures

I forgot the black and white pictures from my little photoshoot with Morana!
Here they are!


Morana in Cornice's dress

I took my Zuora to the park the other day!
For a long time, I have been wanting to fress her up as Cornice, and now I did! She looks a bit melancholic in it I think Anime Smiley
So here are the pictures, hope you enjoy!



Isobel <3 Christmas!

New pictures for my Christmas cards!
She is lovely! <3


Kandy in red and pink


New pictures of Kandy! :)
Theres only 3 of them, I took more, then made a mistake with my camera and had to do it all over again *cries*
So I did it one more time, faster.
Here you go, hope you like! :)


Morana arrives! <3

First, I am very sorry for those who have me in their friends list and now have to watch my 3 updates in a row! :) I promise, it is the alst one for today!

So here is Morana, my Zuora. And I love her! After Papin, I think it's my favourtite pullip in a while! <3
Morana, in slavic mythology, is the name of the Goddess of Winter and Death.
I think it's a good name for her ^_^


Kumi in the X-mas Tree!

This year, I am planning to do my x-mas cards by myself with pictures I took, of my girls and of other things too.
So I did a few tries, with Kumi :)


Lucy arrives!

I havent update in a while, and a few girls arrived.
First one is Lucy (Brand New Purezza), who arrived with my Drta.
Here are a few pictures I took of her out of her box.


Kumi is here!


My dal arrived this week, I was sooo happy to see her!
She is even more beautyful than I tought. Her pouting face is irresistible!
I present you Kumi :


Retro Kandy

Just quickly updating!

I took those shots of Kandy a month ago if I remember correctly! 
She has her new hair and cute little retro outfit! You cant see it in those pictures, but her wig is pink with white ends.
I love her! How often do I need to say it? She is the perfect top model ^_^


Dana in black and white

New pictures of Dana in black and white...

And it was a good occasion to try her new body ^^
(and I still think it strange to shoot naked dolls in a "normal" context, I prefer by far to do "stranger" pictures, so I dont really like those shots.)
(and let's say it ; digital cameras SUCK at black and white pictures! At least mine does! Ah, don't I miss my old camera! XD)



Just one picture :
Lou with new hair! :)
I have a special project for her now ^^




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